Independent Contracting in Michigan

Independent Contracting in MichiganIndependent contractors are in high demand throughout several industries in Michigan. Many companies are currently interested in hiring independent contractors in place of full-time or even part-time employees. In fact, in industries such as engineering or information technology, it can be more common to see independent contractors than permanent employees. This can be attributed to a number of advantages associated with independent contracting. 

Benefits of Independent Contracting

There are many benefits to the workplace when it comes to independent contracting. It allows a company to have staffing flexibility, competitive advantage, and financial benefits. By hiring independent contractors instead of full-time employees, employers are able to assign tasks and projects as needed instead of having someone on hand at all times. Businesses are able to save money on wages that must be paid to keep someone’s own staff continuously by paying a contractor for the project. Companies utilizing project-based staffing save more money in comparison to their continuously-employed counterparts. Also, employers can save on benefits because, unlike full-time employees, contractors do not receive employment benefits. Furthermore, independent contracting offers a competitive advantage as the flexible amount of staff can provide less expense and less time dedicated to training.

Benefits for the Contractor

A lot of people currently in the workforce or joining the workforce crave flexibility and competitive pay. By working as an independent contractor, workers can be exposed to a wide variety of work throughout the industry. This allows contractors to remain flexible and they can gain experience throughout their field of interest. Moreover, the high demand for skilled workers and the lack of independent contractors available allow for suitable wages. Also, being an independent contractor affords more control over one’s work. The contractor can choose which jobs to accept and can turn down work that does not interest them.

There are many benefits associated with independent contracting. Here at the DAKO Group, we offer placement for independent contractors in various industries including; accounting and finance, office clerical, sales and marketing professionals, engineering and design, information technologies, and industrial manufacturing. We are an independent contractor job recruiter and have decades of experience. Contact us today to find out more about our staffing solutions and how we can help you!

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