Placement Services

The DAKO Group provides innovative staffing solutions to companies that meet the challenges of today’s business environment.  We have the resources and local focus to help your company maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce through our wide array of services and business to business capabilities.

Our Placement Services Include:

  • Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations of your company’s requirements through fixed or variable term contracts.
  • Fast and efficient filling of permanent, direct positions.
  • Quality assessment, testing, and training.
  • On-line time cards and time reporting.
  • Training for employees to match the needs of a changing workplace.
  • Master Vendor (Vendor Management Systems) relationships in which DAKO manages the services of multiple staffing providers.

Placement Services
Dako Services For Your Business

When it comes to your company, we are here to help you find the best candidate for your positions. We maintain a detailed database of qualified candidates for many industries. In addition, these candidates are experienced qualified candidates that will be a huge asset to your company. Job placement services vary from staffing solutions.  When it comes to job placement, it usually focuses on a specialized industry.

Industries such as automotive, healthcare or Information Technology use placement options. Staffing more often is considered temporary work for a shorter period of time for a company. Furthermore with placement, we are looking to give you an employee that will benefit you for years to come. Also, by letting the Dako Group handle all your interviewing, testing, and hiring, it saves you and your company time and money.

Finally, here at the Dako Group, we can provide total staffing for your business. Give us a call today at  (248) 655-0100 for Michigan, (423) 643-2506 for Tennessee, or (703) 634-2526 for Virginia.  Our specialists are always ready to assist you with your staffing needs. Also, if you have a question for the Dako Group you can use our easy contact form.