Job Recruiting Agencies Detroit, Michigan

Job Recruiting Agencies Detroit

Are you an HR manager for automotive manufacturer or supplier in the Metro Detroit area? If so, a job recruiting agency can probably help you and your organization. In many cases, job recruiting agencies will handle all the recruitment and selection process for your company. This helps companies that do not have the time and resources to recruit for themselves. A recruiting agency can help provide full-time, part-time, direct-to-hire and contract-to-hire employees for your business.

A great advantage of using a job recruiting agency is the cost.  By using a recruiter you can cut costs that would be used for hiring qualified candidates. Costs such as background investigations, drug screening, and pre-employment testing would be covered by the recruiting agency.  To go with costs, another great advantage is the established network of qualified candidates that a recruiting firm can bring to your company.

A well-established recruiting firm can build a large database of potential candidates with all types of skill levels and expertise.  So, matter what type of candidate you are looking for, the agency should be able to supply them. It’s no simple task. The fact is; candidates that are available part-time are typically a lot different than those seeking full-time employment. This makes finding the right person even more difficult. The variation in skill sets and availability will be greater using a well connected recruiting agency.

HR Managers: Contact the Dako Group and let our staffing experts help you!

Automotive Job Recruiting Agencies In Detroit

A good job recruiting agency should be able to supply qualified employees no matter the field. At the Dako Group, we have been supplying companies in the Detroit area with qualified staff members for years. In addition to the automotive industry, Dako also specializes in industries such as; accounting, finance, clerical, engineering and more.

The best automotive recruiting agency in the Metro Detroit area is the Dako Group. We work closely with the automotive industry to help provide the most qualified candidates for their open positions.  With over 30 years of experience in the recruiting field, Dako Group is the clear recruiter of choice in Detroit.  Are you a potential hire? Please take the time to submit your resume today with the Dako Group. Finally, give us a call today at 248-655-0100 and see what we can do for you and your company!

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