Job Outlooks in 2024

Job Outlooks in 2024

Job outlooks in 2024 are largely promising. However, the recovery of the economy after COVID-19 may make finding work more difficult in the upcoming year. The experts at the DAKO Group are skilled at recruiting and staffing employees throughout a wide range of industries. Alternative Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Information Technologies, Office Clerical, and Scientific fields are just some of the industries we have staffed in the past. Whether you need help finding a position in a niche field or a contractor looking for specific opportunities, we have you covered. Contact us or view our open positions today!

Jobs Expected to Do Well in 2024

  • Construction
  • Data Science
  • Finance
  • Information Technologies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Software Engineering

A majority of work industries are expected to do well in 2024. With the dependency on manpower in the case of construction and the heavy reliance of today’s society on technology, the industries listed above are always looking to hire new staff. Work in these fields applies to many other industries which keeps job outlooks on an upward trend. If you are looking for a work position on an upward trajectory, these are the best options for you! 

Furthermore, employers are interested in hiring credentialed employees with experience in the field. In 2024, unemployment rates are expected to rise and jobs are anticipated to be harder to find. More people are entering the workforce and because of this, competition will increase. Due to these changes, employers are less likely to offer on-the-job training as they have in the past few years and more likely to require desired qualifications instead.

Positions Projected to Fail

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Production Occupations

In contrast, work positions in these three industries are expected to fail in 2024. Technology is replacing the need for employees in agricultural positions and production occupations. Unfortunately, this makes hiring human employees needless and unessential. Moreover, open positions in the automotive industry, specifically automotive engineers and manufacturers, are projected to decrease. This is largely because of product demand shortages and available machinery in assembly. Between economic instability, the availability of machinery, and the lack of interested parties in the job market, work in these industries is set to decrease in the upcoming year. For work in these fields, consider contacting the DAKO Group for position placement to get the best job for you. 

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