Contract Employment Services Detroit Michigan

Contract Employment Services Detroit Michigan

When it comes to contract employment services in Detroit, Michigan, the best choice is the DAKO Group. With long-lasting relationships with the automotive industry and many top industries in Michigan, the DAKO Group has a distinct advantage over other companies. In addition, we strive to provide the best employment services in the state.

Benefits of Contract Employment

Simple and Stress-Free Process

The hiring process for a contract employee is simple, especially because the DAKO group handles the process. All you have to do is submit your resume and our expert staff will determine which reputable company is best for you. Furthermore, you will be employed by a placement service until you are hired by a reputable company.


Most of our contract-for-hire companies are more flexible than full-time jobs. In addition to positions having a wide range, the amount of hours and time in the office vary as well. Depending on the company, you may have greater leniency when choosing work days and hours. That means that you can plan around your schedule to maximize working time and personal time.

High Demand

There is a high demand for contract employees, specifically in Detroit due to the large workforce. Many companies are working for short-term positions to be filled. As a result, contract employees are very convenient and easy to place. Moreover, there is less competition in contract employment because most workers want full-time positions. This gives contract employees an advantage in the workforce.

A Chance for Permanent Work

A majority of contract employees are offered permanent positions at the end of their contracts. In addition, a contract allows you to feel out a company and determine if you would like to work there full time in the future.

Contract Employment Services

Contract employment is beneficial to the business owner and the employee. As a business owner use contract employees to help fill positions in your staff. Also, a contract-to-hire employee is employed by a placement service until they are hired.  In addition, the hiring process is handled by the staffing agency. For the employee, you get job placement and at the end of the contract a chance to hire in with the company on a more permanent basis.

As a candidate for a contract job, you may be hesitant to try it. There is always that fear that when your contract expires you will be let go and have to start your search all over again. This is not usually the outcome. According to Talentcor, almost 85% of companies add contract employees to their teams.  So chances are fairly good that you will be hired on to the companies. Depending on the needs the length of the contract may vary.

As a contract-to-hire, you would be employed by the DAKO Group until either your contract expires or the company hires you full-time. To be considered for a contract position you must first send a resume to us. Our expert staff at the DAKO Group will go over your resume and help determine what is the best fit for you. Also, we will help place you in one of our available positions with a reputable company.

Finally, contact us today to start you on the path to your new career.

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