Staffing Agency For The Automotive Industry

Staffing Agency For The Automotive Industry

When it comes to a new career, the staffing agency DAKO Group can help. In addition to Michigan, DAKO has great locations in Tennessee and Virginia. Our close relationships with the automotive industry provide a great resource for all qualified candidates.

Staffing Agency Benefits

When it comes to starting a new career the DAKO Group staffing agency can help you find the career you always wanted. The job search process can be a long and hard process. With DAKO Group by your side, the job search will be a much easier process. One of the first benefits of using the DAKO Group is we make the whole job search streamlined.

Working with us is free of charge and we can help you focus on exactly what potential employers are looking for. Another benefit is having the experience and resources of the DAKO Group working for you. DAKO can help you find the right employer for you. Also, you will have access to a large database of employers and potential careers.

Automotive Careers

While these traditional jobs in the automotive are great, new career opportunities are arriving with electric cars. Electric vehicles have been around for a long time, they fell out of fashion because of decreases in fuel costs and improvements to gasoline engines. In the 1990s, electric automobiles started interest because of environmental concerns and increasing fuel costs. The first modern electric car was produced by General Motors. And they have come along since then.

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Misconceptions About A Recruiting Agency

One major misconception is you have to pay an agency. The agency makes the money from the employers who pay for the service, not the candidate. You as a potential employee will not pay any money.  Another misconception is agencies only hire for temp jobs. While there are temp jobs, we focus on full-time jobs and place you in that job to succeed.  One last myth that is not true, is staffing agencies just see you as a number.

This is not true, we are establishing long-lasting relationships with employers and potential candidates. At the DAKO Group, you are much more than just a number!  When it comes to the automotive industry, the DAKO Group is one of the top recruiters.  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!