Direct Hire Placement Services at the DAKO Group

Direct Hire PlacementFinding a job that is the right fit for you can be tricky, especially during the winter months. Sometimes companies are not looking to hire new employees even when they have all the necessary qualifications and experience. That’s where the DAKO Group comes in. We have decades of experience with direct hire placement. Whether you are an employee looking for work or a workplace looking for new hires, we can help you. Contact us and find out more about the staffing solutions we offer.

Benefits of Direct Hire Placement Services

There are several benefits associated with direct hire placement services concerning employees and employers alike. Not only does direct hiring increase the pool of candidates, it can help them fully integrate new employees into the company. It also shows a greater level of commitment to the position that employees are taking, making it easier to fill harder yet important positions.  Our skilled staff can help clients find the jobs that they’re best suited for, connect them with reputable companies, and even assist with resume and CV building. Furthermore, we can help you to navigate the competitive workforce and find a position in some of the most competitive industries.

At the DAKO Group, we can help you with job placement with a variety of employers in all kinds of job positions. This ranges from industries involving Automotive, Aerospace, Defense/Military, Industrial/Manufacturing, and Information Technology. It also includes other industries such as Contact Centers, Scientific, Environmental, Alternative Energy, Construction, Property Management, and more. 

Employers can also benefit from using employee placement services. Trying to find competent employees that mesh well with existing staff members can be difficult. By using a recruitment agency such as the DAKO Group, we can help companies find the most qualified candidates who align well with the goals of the company. Moreover, we can make the hiring process much easier and less stressful for management. Staffing agencies save time and money for companies, and resources that can be distributed elsewhere. Contact the DAKO Group about direct hire placement today!