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If you’re considering a career change or buyout from your current employer, we’d love to hear from you!! We have numerous automotive clients that have immediate needs. Once we receive your resume, one of our experienced recruiters will contact you.

The DAKO Group, is a provider of contract staffing and direct placement services to its client corporations located throughout the United States.
The Dako Group’s diverse services will meet your individual requirements.
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The Dako Group Open Positions

Open Positions

Positions available in Engineering,
Technical, Sales, Manufacturing
and more!

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Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

The DAKO Group can fullfill payrolling, contract,
contract-to-hire and direct/permanent
placement staffing needs.

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Contract positions differ slightly from a contract-to-hire position. With a contract position it is usually for a set period of time. In addition, this time frame can range from 4 months to years depending on the companies needs. The potential condidate is hired by the Dako Group and then placed in a company for a determined time frame.

With the contract position, the employee is let go at the end of the determined time frame but the company may choose to extend the contract or hire the employee directly. To find out more about our staffing solutions please contact us today.

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A contract-to-hire position is where the employee is hired by the Dako Group and then placed in a company to perform a job. The job is usually on a trial basis when the trial is over the company has the option to hire the employee based on their work performance. The trial period can range anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on the company.

Once hired by the company, the employee will no longer be employed by the Dako Group. This process helps both the hiring company and the employee to help determine if they are the right fit for the position.

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Placement Staffing

Direct or permanent placement staffing differs from contract-to-hire because it forgoes the trial period and the employee will be placed in the new company directly. Once vetted by the Dako Group, the employee would go directly on to the companies payroll and would not be hired by the Dako Group.

Our placement services provide quality testing, assessment, and training for all potential candidates. Also, we adapt to provide the proper staffing for all your companies staffing needs. In addition, we provide staffing placement for several major industries.

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