Pharmaceutical & Biotechnical Recruiting

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnical Recruiting

We partner with companies of all sizes from the major pharmaceutical companies to the venture-backed biotechnical startup operations. Also, we recruit in a variety of venues within this industry such as:

 Executives &  Management

  • Management & Directors – Head/Section Head, Group/Team Leader, Manager, Medical Advisor/Director, Assistant to Executive Director, & Vice President  
  • Chief Officers – Medical (CMO), Scientific (CSO), & Technology (CTO)
  • Research – Investigator & Fellow
  • Scientist – Distinguished, Principal, & Senior


In this part of the industry, DAKO recruits Ph.D. and MD candidates for research and development positions within pharmaceutical and biotechnology environments. 

 Drug Discovery:

  • Assay Development/Target Identification/Target Validation
  • Biology- cell biology, stem cells, DNA, RNAi
  • Chemistry- medicinal, analytical, biophysical, structural
  • High throughput technologies
  • Informatics / Bioinformatics
  • Large molecule research: proteins antibodies
  • Lead Optimization
  • Next-generation sequencing technologies
  • Small molecule research
  • And more …

Translational Medicine:

  • Biomarkers
  • Medicine – Experimental & Personalized
  • Molecular Diagnostics & Pathology
  • Pharamcogenomics / Genomics

Drug Development:

  • Affairs – Clinical & Medical
  • Clinical – Preclinical Development, Clinical Development, Clinical Trials, Pharmacology, Research & Diagnostics
  • Drug Metaboloism / PK / Toxicology
  • Process Development / Bioprocess

Business Development & Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment & Supply Sales:

  • Business Development/Sales – Account Manager (Corporate / Regional), Sales (Institutional, Pharmaceutical, Specialty), Sales Management (District, Regional, Territory, Vice President) 
  • Licensing
  • Search & Evaluation
  • Technology Assessment

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