Payroll Staffing Troy

Payroll Staffing Troy

Payroll staffing Troy or anywhere in Michigan, contact the experts at the DAKO Group.  When you talk about payroll, staffing, or recruitment you need to know which service best suits your needs. While you may need staffing you might not need payroll services, and at the DAKO Group, we can help figure out which is best for you.

Payroll Staffing Recruitment

Many times, companies need the assistance of outside companies to handle their human resource services. The good news is that the DAKO Group is experienced in all those services.  Let us take a look at these different services.

Payroll Services

Payroll services handle exactly that, they are services that handle all things related to compensation. Such as making sure all employees are paid on time and correctly. In addition, it includes cutting checks, handling deposits, as well as employee hours. Using an external payroll service that frees up time for owners to focus on building their business.

Staffing Services

Some projects in your business may be for a limited time and you may need staff to fill those positions for a short time. Staffing services can help you find the staff you need for the time you need them. Also, some companies cannot afford the HR staff to handle hiring and that is where a staffing agency would come into play.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment services are more for full-time positions. A company would hire a recruitment agency to fill their positions. This benefits the company because it does not have to waste time and resources on interviewing.  The recruitment agency would handle the resumes, interviewing, and testing process.

Payroll Staffing Michigan

When it comes to Troy or anywhere in Michigan, the best option for employment services is the DAKO Group. Also, the DAKO Group has long-standing relationships with many large companies such as Ford or GM that can benefit you. Finally, contact the DAKO Group today and see what we can do for you!